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TC1200 Texture Cure

TC1200 Texture Cure

Diesel Engine:

  • 35 hp (25.7 kW) Tier III
  • enclosed engine compartment
  • engine sound proofing

Hydraulic Oil Reservoir:
31 gallon (117 liter)

Fuel Reservoir:
16.6 gallon (63 liter)

Hydraulic Pump System:

  • (1) double stage hydraulic pump
  • flow divider isolates right travel system from lefttravel system.

Main Frame:
4’ (1.2M)Hydraulic Slide, 10” (24cm) Hydraulic Lift

Rubber Track Drive:

  • proportional controls for infinite variability of speed
  • direct hydraulic drive, no chains or sprockets
  • 9.1 inch (230 mm) wide continuous rubber track
  • 115 ft. (35 m) per minute maximum travel speed

Lower Work Platform:

  • lower level to assist with hand working of the slab
  • treated wood for durability and comfort
  • located at bottom of bridge frame for easy access to a concrete slab

Operator’s Platform:

  • spray and travel system pressure gauges
  • hydraulic controls: travel, cure sprayer, drag lift, auto steer
  • operator’s seat for safety and comfort
  • engine controls on the console
  • safety railing for access to walk platform

Hydraulic Burlap (or astro-turf) Drag:

  • lift controlled at operator’s platform
  • single lever control

12 ft. (3.65 m) Cure Spray System:

  • continuous return agitation, variable speed
  • hydraulic control from operators platform
  • standard 55 gallon (208 liter) drum carrier
  • wind screen to reduce drift
  • adjustable outside nozzle booms for slab edge coverage
  • double filtration of cure material to reduce nozzle plugs
  • non-drip, triple tip nozzles

Longitudinal Tining System

  • hydraulically controlled from operators platform
  • automatic steering suggested
  • tines not included

Automatic Forward Steering System

  • 1 hydraulic stringline sensor
  • steer from right or left hand side of machine
  • automatic and manual steering, controlled from operator’s platform

Automatic Rear Steering System
1 hydraulic sensor

Cure Tote Rack

  • framework for allowing the use of 250 gallon (950 liter) plastic cure container
  • includes additional cure section and return hoses

Water System for Burlap Drag

  • electric water pump with 25 gallon (95 liter)
  • all required hoses and wiring
  • spray pipe with fogging nozzle tips
  • sediment strainer

Transport Axle

  • hydraulic controls
  • removable transport hitch

Frame Inserts without Spray
24 inch (61 cm), 48 inch (122 cm), 120 inch (3.04 m)

Frame Inserts with Spray Bar and Screen
24 inch (61 cm), 48 inch (122 cm), 120 inch (3.04 m), 1m, 2m

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