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Eagle P80 Swing Tube Concrete Pumps

Eagle P80 Swing Tube Concrete Pumps

Maximum Aggregate size

Maximum Output
80 cu.yds/hour

Vertical Pumping
1200 plus

Piston face Pressure
1200 psi

Perkins T4 Final
120 HP

Pumping Cylinders
2 hardchrome 7″ x 45″

Other Specifications

  • Big, full size 7″ inlet to material cylinders with 7″ x 5” cast 5-tube.
  • Heavy-duty 5″ outlet, 90° bend and snap clamp.
  • Drop forged 5-tube shaft, 31/2″ bearing, and 14 Co Pi Hopper Remixer STD.
  • Sunstrand closed-loop over-center hydraulics.
  • Hopper re-mixer and screen. Hydraulic oil cooler.
  • Oil flushed piston cups, quick-change via flush box.
  • Angled adjustable rear outriggers.
  • Screw type front jack stand.
  • Reducer and heavy-duty snap clamp.
  • Fenders with full D.O.T. lighting.
  • 2 5/16″ ball or pintle ring trailer coupling.
  • Engine hood.
  • Dual hydraulic circuit and accumulator for quick concrete valve action.
  • Full manual override on complete hydraulic circuit.
  • Dual axle and 12″ electric or hydraulic brakes.

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